A Chinese designer

Look up at the starry sky, but also keep your feet on the ground.

specializing in Photography and typography designer and.I believe art is within all of us. The way we express our creativity shall have no boundaries because when it's fueled by our true passions and beliefs it will lead to great results.

use the code to design something which was so exciting when I see the final prototype. It just like build a castle with stones, the every line of code is a stone, and it have a lots of varieties. We can control one of the parameters, which will have a huge change in the final effect.

I realized that it gonging to have a great development in the future. It was a good way to build some like poster or visualizer. The process was really attractive. Every different stone could be connected, and the effect have multiple combination.

Each line of code is rich in content. By controlling different parameters to reflect different effects,the sense of accomplishment formed can be a reason for beginners to stick to it.


Away From Design I Dedicated My Free Time To Explore The Beauty Of The Nature. Every Sunrise, Every Sunset, The Sun Rises In The East And Sets In The West, And The Moon Is Cloudy And Sunny.The Landscapes Hidden In The Corners Of The World All Tell The Beauty Of Nature.The Yorkshire Dales And Peak District National Park Have A Lots Of Landscape definitely worth to exploring.