|April 2022|

Bamford Edge


The Bolehills

|January 2022|
if the time is just right
the weather is nice Let's watch a sunset🌄.


|February 2022|
almost 22km by foot
which was so tried
but when you look back on that journey
That was so amazing.


|february 2022|
the First trip to the North East of England
Beach, sun, seaside playground
hiking, food, customs,
everything is perfect.


|march 2022|
This pretty, traditional spa town offers some of Yorkshire's finest tearooms, magnificent countryside and a rock climbers' paradise with the famous Cow and Calf Rocks sitting proudly above the town, on the rolling Yorkshire moors.

hebden bridge

|March 2022|
A small town in a painting.
It can take half a day,
to enjoy the slow pace of life
if there is time
half an hour walk
Go to an ancient village called Heptonstall
The church inside is at least seven hundred years old
Now exists in the form of ruins


|April 2022|